We are grateful for your support of The Portland Sessions.  All financial donations go back into helping produce this project by maintaining our equipment, paying for our space and for small things like putting gas in our cars to transport bands.  We will strive to sustain and grow, and we are thankful to have folks that want to be a part of the process.




Thank you to all of our 2012 Kickstarter campaign supporters:

Thomas Lee Bottom
Dan Chosich
Nick Collingwood
David Costa
Matthew Henry Curl
Benjamin T. Elio
Ryan Finley
Robert Garvin
Loren Gurman
Gabriel Haffey
Allison Hall
Lyndsey Hall
Jared Hogan
Josh Keesee  
Kristin Knutson
CJ Libassi
Matt Lawrence
Thomas Lockney
Joey McAllister
Rachel Troublefield Nelson
Michelle M. Pillow
Brian Prentiss
Katie Prentiss
Sofya Radelet
Richard Ragle
Mark Riggenbach
Patrick Ross                
Mandy M. Roth
Margaret Sanford
Alexandra Smith
Jasmine Snow
Mary Beth Snow
Rick Turoczy
J-P Voilleque
Mary L. Watt
Michael Weston